Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Bike Ride


I did my bike ride today. It took seven hours and we rode eighteen miles visiting fifteen parks in Cheltenham.

Daddy and my big brother Fraser came we me and we have raised about £200 for Help Daniel Find His Feet!

Thank you to everyone that has sponsored me. I hope that you enjoy the photos we took on the ride.

Isabella :-)

Park 1 - Brizen Field

Park 2 - Warden Hill

Park 3 - Hillview Play Area (behind Morrisons)

Park 4 - Caernarvon Park

Park 5 - Hatherley Park

Park 6 - Honeybourne Line Play Area

Park 7 - Winston Churchill Gardens Play Area

Break for Ice Cream at the Boat Hut in Pittville Park

Park 8 - Pittville Park

Park 9 - Prestbury Road Recreation Area

Visiting Auntie Sharon to see her new chicks

At Granny's house for lunch

Park 10 - Sandford Park

Park 11 - Coltham Fields Park

Park 12 - Charlton Kings Park

Park 13 - Old Pats Park

Park 14 - Naunton Park

Park 15 - Burrows Field

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Please sponsor me to Help Daniel Find His Feet!


My name is Isabella and I am five. I go to Leckhampton Primary School in Cheltenham and am in Year One.

My favourite things are making daisy chains, visiting parks and going on bike rides with my family. 

I also love swimming, going to Gym Club and my big brother Fraser. 

There is a boy in my year at school called Daniel Morgan who has to use a wheelchair because he has cerebral palsy. This limits what activities Daniel can do and means that he has to travel separately on school trips.
His family are raising money for an operation at the St Louis Children’s Hospital in the USA that will help Daniel gain greater mobility and independence. You can find out more about Daniel on his web page.

I am trying to help raise money for Daniel's operation by doing a sponsored tour of parks in Cheltenham.

I will be travelling between the parks on my trailer-bike and hope to visit 15!!! of them in one day!

I will spend a few minutes playing at each and my Daddy will take pictures and post them on here when the tour is finished.

The tour is planned for Sunday 17th June (but may be delayed if the weather is bad).

The list of parks that I will visit is shown below.
  1. Brizen Field
  2. Salisbury Avenue (Warden Hill) Park
  3. Hillview Play Area
  4. Caernarvon Park
  5. Hatherley Park
  6. Honeybourne Line Play Area
  7. Winston Churchill Gardens Play Area
  8. Pittville Park
  9. Prestbury Park
  10. Sandford Park
  11. Coltham Fields Park
  12. Charlton Kings Park
  13. Old Pats Park
  14. Naunton Park
  15. Burrows Field

It would be really great if you could sponsor me to help Daniel. You can do this on-line at Daniel's JustGiving page (please mention Isabella's Bike Ride in the comments when you donate) or you can speak to my Mummy (Emma) or Daniel's Mummy (Helen) at Leckhampton School.

Thank You


Practice Ride around Cotswold Water Park


At the weekend we did a practice bike ride around Cotswold Water Park.

It was great fun and we saw lots of animals including rabbits, swans, horses, butterflies and dragonflies.

We also stopped at a park to eat our lunch and later on had an ice-cream.

Some parts of the path were flooded. Luckily I was wearing my wellies and managed to get through without getting my feet wet.

Thank you for reading - please sponsor me - I am doing the bike ride on Sunday 1st July.